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Las Ferreterias De Mexico
To find out whether or not Mr. Gonzales should implement the new compensation plan, we will initiate with a valuation of the proposed bonus plan that he is considering. This evaluation will include an analysis of the key decisions and the persons responsible for making the decision as well as a discussion of the proposed plan. Upon this analysis we will conclude whether it is a good idea to implement it and state our suggestions for a modification of the plan.

Valuation of the proposed bonus plan
Included in the new bonus plan are the store managers (SM), the regional managers (RM), and the corporate staff managers (CM). Not included are the CEO (Mr. Gonzalez) and the COO; their bonuses would be decided by the compensation committee of the board of directors. Furthermore all other employees not included in the plan would continue as before with a bonus in the range of 2%-5% of base salary.
Each of the company’s 82 stores is operated by a SM, who has a lot of autonomy. The 82 store are organized into 9 geographical regions. The RMs are responsible for providing oversight and advice to the SMs, whom had little formal education. On the top of these two manager levels are the CMs, who are responsible for a range of centralized functions including purchasing, human resources, marketing, real estate, and investor relations.
The proposed bonus plan consists of 4 million pesos plus 8 percent of the corporate income before bonuses and taxes in excess of 120 million pesos. The total bonus pool will be divided between the managers as following: SMs – 70%, RMs – 15%, and CMs – 15%.
This year, the bonus pool will amount to 8,498,400 million pesos (all calculations: cf. the calculations for the Whiz Kids questions on the last page), meaning that t ...
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Franchise Vs. Business Opportunity

To the untrained eye, franchise and business opportunity investments look pretty much the same. Both invite you to purchase a package of goods and services and business concepts. Both offer you the chance to capitalize on a business idea that has already proved to be successful. Both provide some training, handholding and access to a valuable marketplace.
In reality, though, there are huge differences between the two concepts. While these fundamental distinctions sometimes appear subtle, detecting and understanding them can help you protect yourself when you take the plunge into your new business.
If there's one telltale difference between a franchise and a business opportunity, it's the role of a trademark. The licensing of trademark rights is a hallmark of franchising: Every franchisee of a McDonald's, Subway or Holiday Inn is operating under a trademark license. The consistent image portrayed by these and other franchise systems symbolizes their strength in the marketplace, and is the direct result of a trademark license. If a program grants you the right to operate under a trademark owned by the seller, you're most likely looking at a franchise rather than a business opportunity.

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